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This is my second week back after 4 weeks of travel. This week also marked the first week I’ve been back at work, and it seemed as though I have never left for holiday; I’ve been so flat out that even though I have so many stories brewing inside my head (travel- and novel-wise), work demands compelled me to take it easy, take care of myself (both mind and body) and not force myself with taking on more than I should.

In my previous post As the Clock Ticks Closer to End 2011, I mentioned that a good friend of mine has given me my own domain as a Christmas present. She has also been patiently guiding me in all things ‘website’ (as my knowledge in this area is very limited), from getting a web host to slowly building my very own, new, swanky website.

So, bear with me as I continue to bombard said friend with a million of seemingly simple-to-answer questions and revamp this current website. But once the new website is up and running – I will post with a vengeance!

Watch this space!

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